Aren't We the Lucky Ones


Aren't We The Lucky Ones

Many people grow to understand that there truly isn't such as thing as a "free will". Those who do grow to understand this are changed forever. Although some are crushed by this understanding, others gain insight and wisdom.

"Aren't We the Lucky Ones" is the story of a group of college science students who grow to understand that all people are ultimately innocent of who they become. The students form a commune and work together to live out their newfound social insights.

"Aren't We the Lucky Ones" is essential reading for those who are troubled by thoughts of determinism. May it bring hope and peace to those who read it.

"Aren't We the Lucky Ones", written by Secretary Michael, is the background story to the musical "Candelescence".

"Aren't We the Lucky Ones" may be purchased here at amazon for a modest price.